Membership Discount Rules

Please note: Membership discounts are exclusively applicable to selected items as determined by Axiland. These eligible items are listed below: 

  1. Machines: Membership discounts do not apply to any machinery or equipment, regardless of size or type.

  2. Wholesale Items: Wholesale purchases are exempt from membership discounts. These include bulk orders intended for resale or large-scale distribution.

  3. Poly Bag Rhinestones: Membership discounts do not extend to purchases of poly bag rhinestones.

  4. Clearance Items: Clearance merchandise, marked with discounted prices for rapid sale, are not eligible for additional membership discounts.

  5. Sale Items: Items that are part of ongoing or limited-time sale events do not qualify for membership discounts.

Axiland reserves the right to modify these exclusion rules and eligible items for membership discounts at any time. We encourage members to stay updated on our official communication channels for any changes or updates to the membership discount program.

For any questions or clarifications regarding membership discounts and excluded items, please contact our customer service team at (

By using your Axiland membership, you agree to adhere to these rules and understand the limitations of the membership discount program.