SM1 Heat Press Machine / 15 inch x 15 inch (38cm x 38cm) / Swing-Head

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SM15 Heat Press Machine: 15×15 swing-away

15″ x 15″ (38cm x 38cm) that allows you to create custom t-shirts

Transfer onto an array of flat surface materials such as a fabric

The element is non-stick and Teflon-coated to prevent scorching of transfers and does not require a separate silicone/Teflon sheet.

Removable and reversible hi-temp silicone pad. The pressure adjustment knob allows you to adjust the pressure according to the thickness of the material to which you’re transferring.

Digital temperature control lets you preset the temperature (in Fahrenheit); the element will stop heating when the preset temperature is reached.

This commercial-grade heat press is true 1,400 watts rated with a temperature range up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Arrives fully assembled and ready to use with pre-installed Teflon-coated element, removable and reversible hi-temp silicone pad, and operating instructions.


15″ x 15″ (38cm x 38cm) Non-Stick coated heat surface

Smooth Swing away hot heat plate for safe working

The downward press allows for greater pressure

100% even surface pressure

Bright digital display gauge

Press Temperature units is in Fahrenheit

Max temperature over 450 F

Adjustable (+/- 1 deg F)


Input Voltage: ~110V – ~120V. Plugs into any regular wall outlets

Timer: 1S – 999S

Fully molded Styrofoam packaging

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